25. May 2010 - Added link to Ubuntu packages for the current 0.4.0 development branch

22. Feb 2009 - New Windstille Wiki got launched.

15. Feb 2009 - Some Windstille development is going on again, check out the Blog. Windstille Wiki is going to be restructured, so its not updated anymore at the moment.

20. Oct 2007 - Windows build of the 0.3.0 release is available

13. Jun 2007 - Windstille 0.3.0 is out, featuring:

23. Jun 2005 - On 25. June 2005, 18:00 GMT we will have a developer IRC meeting in, channel #windstille. Everybody interesting in joining is welcome.

20. Jun 2005 - There is currently a lot of stuff happening to Windstille, with a little luck we might have something actually playable ready in a few month. All development specific information is now collected in the Windstille Development Wiki.

3. Jun 2005 - Some more pictures of our still nameless hero {f}.

5. Nov 2004 - We now have a forum where you can post suggestion, comments and whatever you want. Forum is currently no longer online.

3. Nov 2004 - The screenshot section has a new screenshot showing the lightmap support in Windstille, there are also a few new pics in the artwork section.

24. Oct 2004 - A video of a fire effect created by the particle system that will be used in Windstille is now available in the effects subsection

16. Oct 2004 - Some more screenshots of hour hero and some more sketches of scenery are available in the artwork section are available.

06. Oct 2004 - Some new lighting effects are now in the artwork section.

04. Oct 2004 - Not much news in the last few months, but don't worry, its not dead yet, just developing rather slowly and jumpy. The artwork section contains some new pieces (here and here) of graphics which might be worth a look. You want to see the Windstille artwork in its purest or rawest form, you can now find it in the Game Media Repository.

08. Feb 2004 - A updated Win32 release is available, fixes the small bugs mentioned below.

08. Feb 2004 - Thanks to Robert Konrad we now have a Win32 build of the 0.2.0 Windstille release, known bugs for that release include the lack of the exit-trigger, so once you have reached the exit, you have to press Escape.

02. Feb 2004 - Added another, a bit more detailed, artwork of the Windstille hero. Win32 release will hopefully follow real soon. Hint: If anybody wants to help maintaining the Win32 builds and thus lead to faster release cycles and less workload on myself, tools for doing that (MinGW, ClanLib, Voribs, etc.) are all Free Software and freely downloadable from the net..

14. Jan 2004 - Windstille 0.2.0 is out, at the moment just the GNU/Linux is available, Windows version will follow soon. There is also a video of it available here.

29. Aug 2003 - A first Win32 release got crossy-compiled, not public available, but it should ensure that following Windows ports should be doable in relativly small amounts of time.

13. Aug 2003 - Windstille 0.1.0 is out, both the full source and a static binary for GNU/Linux are provided, this is the first useable Windstille version. Its currently not more then a simple techdemo so don't expect anything playable.

09. Aug 2003 - Added a few pseudo screenshots, aka artworks that use in-game graphics and a few other things to emulate special effects.

07. Aug 2003 - Added a few posing tests, rewrote the introduction.

04. Aug 2003 - Added another artwork, some minor webpage cleanups.

28. Dec 2002 - Added little desktop background.

1. Sep 2002 - Ported Windstille to ClanLib-0.7-CVS (compiles, but doesn't work).